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Patent Litigation Support

Patent litigation support

While patent litigation is often viewed critically because of its uncertainty, cost and duration, it remains a most important tool to achieve IP related benefits when negotiation is not likely to lead to a satisfactory outcome. 

As an in-house counsel, SOFIDESPI’s Stefan Mross has been managing litigation and instructing external counsel as in a lot of countries including France, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, China and Japan. Recently, Stefan obtained the European Patent Litigation certificate from CEIPI (Strasbourg University) allowing him to represent clients in the future Unified Patent Court. SOFIDESPI now provides its expertise to clients and to other practitioners all along the litigation process. Components of this offer include:

  • Clarification of litigation targets and objectives

  • Analysis of validity and scope of the patent

  • Counseling on opting out and in to the UPC 

  • Design of litigation strategy

  • Pre-litigation (warning letters etc.)

  • Assistance to selection of Counsel

  • Negotiation of assignment and budget

  • Steering of the litigation team

  • Act as Patent Attorney in the litigation team 

  • Support to settlement negotiations

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